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We are looking for a PhD candidate who is keen to perform state-of-the-art research on biodiversity patterns / ecological communities worldwide. The ideal candidate will have experience working with data science and geographical information systems. The candidate is expected to publish the research findings in leading international academic journals, but must also communicate well across disciplines, stakeholders (e.g. government, development) and media. The candidate will also be involved in the supervision of MSc students who perform their thesis research within the framework of the project.

Function Requirements:

  • MSc in ecology, environmental science, or a related field;
  • skills in analysing spatial and temporal data (e.g. GIS, remote sensing, scenario modelling, phylogenetics), including social processes;
  • experience in data science and statistical modelling;
  • team player;
  • good organizational and communication skills;
  • excellent command of English;
  • driver license.

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