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We are looking for a motivated PhD candidate to work on an NWO-funded project to study the mechanisms underlying green light sensing in plants. The selected candidate will work in close collaboration with a postdoctoral researcher on this project. They will become a member of the Retrograde Signalling team, which is embedded in the chair group of Plant Physiology.
Project description: Plants dynamically respond to their light environment, to optimize light capture for photosynthesis. The means by which blue, red and far-red light are perceived by different plant photoreceptor proteins are well-understood. However, it remains unknown how plants sense green light. In this project, we aim to find out how plants perceive and respond to green light, and how this helps them to survive (shaded) environments where light quality fluctuates. The work will be performed in model species Arabidopsis thaliana and follows a multidisciplinary approach using physiological, molecular, and modelling techniques.

The research is embedded within the chair Plant Physiology, and part of the Retrograde Signalling team, which is led by Dr. Charlotte Gommers. The selected candidate will be co-supervised by Prof. Christa Testerink.


  • Have a successfully completed MSc degree in Plant Sciences, Molecular Biology, (Plant) Biotechnology or equivalent study.
  • Have excellent English language proficiency. For this position your command of the English language is expected to be at C1 level or higher.
  • Have hands-on experience in molecular biology. Experience in microscopy is a plus.
  • Have a proven affinity with plant physiology.
  • Work efficiently and accurately and are highly motivated to do fundamental research.
  • Are willing to contribute to teaching and mentoring of MSc and BSc students.
  • Have strong communication skills and work well in a small team.
  • Contribute to an open and inclusive atmosphere.

This vacancy will be listed up to and including 29 May 2022. We hope to schedule the first job interviews in week 23. The preferred starting date for this position is summer 2022.

To apply for this job please visit