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Your tasks:

  • Use of LC-TOF MS as well as GC-TOF for the analysis of primary and specialized metabolites from field trial varieties of garlic being tested with various organic farming practices.
  • Targeted metabolic profiling with a focus on measuring pyruvate levels in organic field grown garlic using high-throughput microplate protocols.
  • Development of improved methodology for the targeted metabolomics analysis of sulfur derived compounds which play critical roles in olfactory and taste perception of garlic.
  • Multi-omics studies aimed at identifying genes involved in the expression of important agronomic traits and constituents of organically farmed garlic.
  • Sampling of material in experimental and farmers field.
  • Communication of results in scientific articles and at international conferences.

Your qualifications and skills:

  • You hold a MSc degree in chemistry, biochemistry, plant biology, chemical ecology or a relevant related field.
  • You have experience in the fields of plant metabolomics, biochemistry, molecular biology, and transcriptomics.
  • You have expertise in working with large metabolomic and transcriptomic datasets using open source statistical packages such as R and python.
  • You have solid English and German skills, which are a prerequisite for effective performance in our multicultural working environment. It will be critical to speak German with the participating organic farmers.

We offer you:

  • the opportunity to work in a world-class research center with state-of-the-art facilities and scientists from all over the world.
  • a collegial working atmosphere.
  • an exciting 4-year PhD position starting by 01.05.2024.
  • a gross salary up to 65% E13 TV-L.

Please indicate the reference number 17/02/24 in your correspondence.

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