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As part of the PhD program “MENTOR-Molecular Mechanisms to Improve Plant Resilience” ( a PhD student position is available in the lab of Claudia Jonak to investigate the role of stress-responsive protein kinases in stress acclimation and yield stability under adverse environmental conditions.

Protein kinases are key nodes in signaling coordinating multi-layered responses essential for stress resistance. The PhD project will focus on GSK3-like protein kinases to investigate the link between stress signal transduction, metabolic adaptation, and yield stability under adverse environmental conditions in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana and the old, re-emerging, climate-resilient oilseed crop Camelina sativa.

To APPLY, please, send:

(i) A motivation letter explaining why you apply to MENTOR, addressing your qualifications and summarizing your previous research experiences (max. 1 page),

(ii) Abstract of your Master thesis (max. 2000 characters),

(iii) Curriculum vitae (CV) indicating your educational path with timeline and academic degrees, addressing your technical proficiency, past/ongoing projects you were scientifically involved, the contact details of at least two referees along with your publication list, presentations at congresses and awards if applicable, in a single pdf file via email to: [email protected]