Wageningen University & Research (WUR)

We are looking for an enthusiastic PhD student to work within the larger project on sustainable plant fractionation. In the larger project several PhD students in different chairgroups at Wageningen work on the development of new approaches to fractionate components from plant materials. As PhD in this project, you will study prevention of enzymatic processes leading to formation of off-flavour and off-colour during plant protein isolation. Working under oxygen-poor (or oxygen-free) conditions will be a focus point.

During the extraction and further processing of plant proteins, enzymes such as lipases, lipoxygenases and poly-phenoloxidases (PPO) can be active. This can lead to formation of lipid oxidation products and brown coloured phenol-protein complexes. There is an increasing pressure to avoid sulfite to inhibit these reactions, so there is an urgent need to find alternative methods, e.g. by working under oxygen-free conditions. To reach the aims, the candidate will work on characterization of the activity of the enzymes present, under a range of conditions. Different approaches should be developed to inhibit the activity during isolation as well as when applied in food products. The effects of the different treatments on protein composition as well as structure, and techno-functional properties will be analysed.

As a colleague at the Laboratory of Food Chemistry, you will be part of a dynamic international group of food chemists; with state-of-the-art infrastructure to conduct your research. In parallel, studies at NIZO will be performed on the translation to larger scale methods. During the project, there will be close contact with the partners, to provide context on the conditions and restraints on larger industrial scale.

Do you want more information?
For more information about this position, please contact Prof.dr.ir. Jean-Paul Vincken, Chair of the laboratory of Food Chemistry, telephone number +31 317482234; or Dr.ir. Peter A. Wierenga, assistant professor in proteins at FCH, telephone number +31 317487386.
This vacancy will be listed up to and including 31-05-2022. The preferred starting date for this position is October 2022.


To apply for this job please visit www.connexys.nl.