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A position is open to work in the frame of an ERC advanced project named HyArchi. Research will be carried out in the group of Dr Christophe Maurel, which has world-wide recognized records in transport and stress physiology. The HyArchi project focuses on maize roots under water stress with the ultimate goal of optimizing water uptake. It aims at a multidimensional understanding of root water transport, by considering the integration of hydraulic, growth and signaling processes within root architecture.

The aim of the post-doctoral researcher will be to characterize novel genetic components that determine the root hydraulic architecture of plants under water deficit. The unique capacities of the host laboratory to perform root hydraulic phenotyping was used to conduct genome wide association studies and identify several genes of interest. Genome editing using CRISPR-Cas9 is ongoing to knock down these genes. Molecular and physiological characterization of the mutant plants will be performed. Soil-grown plants with these or other engineered genotypes will be evaluated for their response to drought using high resolution phenotyping facilities that are present on-site.

The position is open for 2 years to citizens from all nationalities. Gross salary will be around 2800 €/month according to experience.

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