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If you are looking for a new challenge and like working with a multidisciplinary team then this job is for you. We are looking for a motivated core team member to work on Phytoform Labs R&D and genome editing efforts. You will quantify and analyse multiple aspects of crop genetics as well as breed new crops with footprint-free genome editing. If you have previously been part of an academic or industry team, but now would like to work in a fast-paced start-up environment and develop a project from the ground up then you would be a great fit.
You will:
• Work on quantitative analysis of crop gene expression
• Design and validate in vitro and in vivo CRISPR-experiments
• Work with plant tissue culture including protoplast regeneration
• Validate new traits in crops
• PhD level plant molecular biology skills, mainly quantitative gene expression (qPCR & RNA-seq) & CRISPR-genome editing
• Ability to develop new plant tissue culture protocols
• Have worked with ‘non-model’ crop species
• Able to work both independently and part of a team
• Able to communicate ideas clearly to a multidisciplinary team

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