Membrane Biogenesis Laboratory (LBM)

A 3-years position supported by the Bordeaux Plant Science (BPS) research program is available in the Membrane Biogenesis Laboratory (LBM) in Bordeaux, France, This post-doc position is one of 19 offered positions as part of Bordeaux University excellence BPS program, which will provide access to many scientific events and resources. The successful candidate will closely work with two others post-doc on the project PROMISE which
goal is to study plant responses to multistress and trade-offs between tolerance and productivity.

Job description
Plant stress tolerance can be defined as a trade-off between stress responses and growth maintenance. The aim of the research is to study
plant-heat-fungus interactions in two economically important crops (tomato and grapevine) with a particular focus on the role of the cuticle and the transient appearance of lipid droplets. The successful candidate will be responsible for the experimental designs used to challenge each plant
species with single and combined stresses, and for phenotyping growth, fitness and disease traits. She/he will also follow cuticle composition and
lipid droplet formation by lipid analyses and/or confocal imagery in these and other models including Arabidopsis. She/he will be supported by experts in grapevine berry and tomato fruit development, heat stress, fungal interactions and lipid metabolism. In the last year of the project, the
successful candidate will participate in a meta-analysis of tolerance in a variety of plants subjected to different stresses (thermal, hydric, biotic) in the framework of the PROMISE project.

Dr Claire BREHELIN – [email protected]
Dr Frédéric DOMERGUE – [email protected]

Starting date: April 2022

Deadline : The advertisement is valid until the position is filled

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