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A 36 months’ position supported by Bordeaux Plant Science (BPS) research program is available in the BFP research unit in Bordeaux, France (


The ambition of the Bordeaux Plant Science (BPS) project is to better understand and master the mechanisms involved in the trade-offs between biomass production, resistance of plants to biotic and/or abiotic stress and the quality of plant products.

The post-doctoral fellow will be responsible for the collection of FAIR data and metadata in the different laboratories involved in the project and to store them using an in-house tool. He/She will also have to identify or define different trade-offs in the plant development with regard to traits such as yield, quality, or stress resistance. He/She will be involved in the collection and metabolomic analysis of samples that will be performed by the Bordeaux Metabolome Platform.

The post-doctoral fellow will also be responsible for developing models capable of predicting trade-offs from the phenotypic and omics datasets that will be collected in the project, by using state of the art machine-learning methods.

The post-doctoral fellow will join a modeling group within the Meta team, in which several researchers, other post-doctoral fellows and PhD students participate.

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