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A 2 years post-doctoral position supported by Bordeaux Plant Sciences research program is available in UMR Ecophysiology and Grape Functional Genomics (EGFV) and UMR Biology of Fruit and Pathology (BFP) in Bordeaux, France.

The objective of this post-doc is to characterize the relationships between vascular and bud phenology in grapevine, with a focus on the mechanisms involved. The main objective is to determine whether grafting scions with rootstocks with contrasting dormancy behaviors could be leveraged to adapt grapevine to climate change. This integrative project aims to combine complementary approaches to understand the timing of vascular and bud development, from genomics to imaging techniques. The aims of the project are:

1) Explore the best markers to characterize rootstock/scion/bud transport

2) Characterize rootstock/scion/bud transport occurring during bud burst in grafted grapevines

3) Identify the rootstock/scion/bud signals that could regulate the progression of dormancy and bud burst in grafted grapevines.

We are looking for highly motivated candidates with a good publication track-record and a strong commitment to research. English communication skills are expected.

The candidate will submit their application, consisting of a letter of motivation and a CV (including list of publications, if applicable), before the 2022/07/15.

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