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We seek to strengthen our team with an outstanding postdoc with expertise on soil health assessment and monitoring. Capturing the complexity of soil life for soil health assessments is one of the most challenging paradoxes of contemporary soil science. Soil biota perform a plethora of processes that are fundamental to soil health. These processes in turn support a range of ecosystem functions (nutrient cycling, water regulation, carbon management and climate regulation, disease and pest regulation and plant growth). As the concepts of soil quality and health developed, so have the attempts to integrate soil biological measurements into monitoring schemes from field to regional scale.

The successful candidate will co-develop a soil monitoring framework for the assessment of soil health and multifunctionality with a range of users and scales in mind (farm scale, value chains to national and international policy/governance objectives) The framework will bring together the best scientific knowledge on the role of soil biodiversity in tandem with chemical and physical conditions to understand multifunctionality.
The portfolio for this position will be split into four key areas;

  1. Develop a flexible quantitative scientific framework to define indicators of soil health and multifunctionality (biological, chemical and physical) (Building on the work of Creamer et al., 2022 and Zwetsloot et al., 2022) across a range of scales and ecosystems.
  2. Further develop the BIOSIS method selection tool ( for a range of user contexts, from applied research to support land managers to policy decision making.
  3. Create a soil monitoring benchmarking approach for application in a range of climatic regions for agricultural soils.
  4. Quantify synergies and trade-offs in multifunctionality at different scales of assessment for a range of ecosystem types.

Existing research projects related to this position include LANDMARK (, BIOSIS (


Contact information
To learn more about this position you can contact Prof. dr. Rachel Creamer, [email protected]
For more information about the procedure, please contact Edgar Tijhuis, corporate recruiter, [email protected].nl

This vacancy will be listed up to and including July 11th 2022.

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