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Within the group of Teresa Fitzpatrick at the University of Geneva in
Switzerland, applications are invited for a post-doctoral position to work in the area of plant
metabolism. In particular, the molecular characterization of factors controlling B vitamin
homeostasis and how this impacts plant health. The project will focus on the family of vitamin B1
compounds initially, with Arabidopsis as the key model organism (rice is also in use in the lab as
well as model microorganisms). We have recently demonstrated that B vitamins may have roles
beyond their simple use as coenzymes. Unraveling these roles in the context of plant fitness, growth
and development will be the subject of this project. The position requires a strong background in
biochemistry, in particular, and molecular biology techniques. Key skills that are currently in use in
the lab include a combination of genetics, molecular and cell biology, biochemical and
physiological techniques as well as protein biochemistry. State of the art equipment is available to
enable these methods.

To apply for this job email your details to