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The physiological state of mature somatic embryos of Norway spruce and larch will be analysed and correlated to capacity to maturation and germination. Large amounts of mature embryos will be generated in bioreactors, to provide sufficient number of embryos of different types/developmental stages/ for in depths biochemical analyses (carbohydrates, total proteins, lipids). Different types of embryos related to different stages of development can be selected, sorted and harvested with the R&D SE system at UPSC, Umeå. Each of the different types of embryos identified for biochemical analyses will be described with respect to capability to germinate and form plants. Analyses of carbohydrates, total proteins and lipids are carried out at INRA Orleans.

Qualifications: Strong documented background in plant developmental biology. Experience in conifer somatic embryogenesis methods is desirable. Documented experience from biochemical analyses of plant physiology. Excellent sterile techniques is a requirement. Fluent in written and spoken English. Good working knowledge for computer based data management. Applicant with a background in animal/human sciences will not be considered.

Applicant should send to both Drs U Egertsdotter ([email protected]) and MA Lelu-Walter ([email protected]): CV (research experiences, full publication), copiers of the relevant degree certificates, statement of scientific interests, contact information of referees

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