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A thirty months’ position supported by Bordeaux Plant Science (BPS) research program is available in the Biogeco research unit in Bordeaux, France.

The post-doc project is part of the project ‘Genetic determinants of phenotypic plasticity to identify a dynamic approach through time, generations and multiple organisms (Dynasty, WP8)’. The impact of phenotypic plasticity (PP) is largely accepted as a driver of adaptation (Pigliucci, 2005). PP dynamics are a major component in acclimation ability (Nicotra et al 2010) but also in adaptation across generations, particularly for perennial plants (Baker et al. 2017; Auge et al, 2019).

Four technical and scientific questions will be addressed: (Q1) What biostatistics and modelling approaches can be leveraged to analyse response curves involving time series? (Q2) Have reaction norms of the studied organisms evolved over time or generations? (Q3) What is the contribution of the genetic determinants of PP to quantitative trait variation? (Q4) Are PP genetic determinants independent from those of the classical traits used in breeding programs? The post-doc position will be mainly involved in Q1 and Q2.

The aim of the post doc position is to develop mathematical models. These models will be developed for modelling univariate time series and optionally forecasting their evolution.

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