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We are looking for a Postdoc to conduct research on conifer genomic science and genomic selection in Harry Wu’s group. The forest genomic project targets innovation in conifer genome sequencing and re-sequencing to identify genome evolution and develop SNP array, GWAS to detect genomic base of observed variation in adaptive and economically important tree traits, and genomic selection for genetic improvement. 

 Understanding genomic base of trait variation and adaptation based on genome sequencing is a new frontier research area for genetic improvement of animal and plant. You will participate genomics projects of pine and spruce species including: (1) Bioinformatics analyses of re-sequencing, exome sequencing and SNP array data; (2) Phenotyping and data analyses (GWAS) for adaptive and economically important tree traits; (3) Population and comparative genomics for elucidating genomic base of adaptive variation; (4) Application of genomic selection to pine and spruce trees.

We are looking for highly motivated and team-oriented candidates with experience in biology, bioinformatics, genome/exome sequencing, computer programming or quantitative and population genomics. To qualify, you should have a PhD degree in subjects relevant for the position. Good English communication and writing skills are required.

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