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A postdoctoral position is available in the group of Åsa Strand at the Department of Plant Physiology (Umeå University), which is part of Umeå Plant Science Centre, a stimulating research environment at Umeå University and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. We are looking for a highly motivated candidate to work within the project “The role of the GUN1 protein during the greening process”.

One of the most dramatic challenges in the life of a plant occurs when the seedling emerges from the soil and exposure to light triggers expression of genes required for establishment of photosynthesis. Signals from the plastids play a major part in controlling this dangerous process through a negative GUN1-mediated retrograde signal which restricts chloroplast development by regulating the transcription of several critical transcription factors linked to light response, photomorphogenesis, and chloroplast development. Within this project we will investigate the mechanisms behind the regulation of the GUN1 protein itself during the greening process.

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