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A postdoctoral researcher to explore the complex genetic variation underlying agronomic traits in Capsicum, using a pan-genomic approach. Are you experienced in plant genomics and do you have strong computational skills? Then this may be the right position for you.

Crop improvement critically depends on the use of genetic variation in crops and their wild relatives. There is increasing evidence for the important role of complex structural variations (SVs), such as inversions or copy number variations. Mining SVs and linking them to traits is difficult with conventional bioinformatics tools. In this project, we will use state-of-the-art pan-genome technology to chart the genetic variation in Capsicum species to address research questions in Capsicum breeding. We develop and apply pan-genomics techniques to analyze data from 108 different Capsicum accessions, generated within the Capsicum Genome Initiative. We will focus on the characterization of the core and dispensable genome, the inventory of (structural) variations, and the identification of candidate genes underlying traits like disease resistance, stress tolerance, seed weight, or fruit development.

The postdoc will be part of the project team in a public-private partnership (TKI project), entitled “Pan-genome architecture and differentiation of agronomical traits in the Capsicum clade”. This project is a collaboration between Wageningen Plant Research (Bioscience, cluster Applied Bioinformatics), Wageningen University (Bioinformatics Group), the Centre for Genetic Resources (CGN), and several plant breeding companies. The projects results should directly impact breeding practice, which requires the candidate to have strong collaborative skills.

This 2-year position offers the opportunity to apply your research skills in the domain of plant (pan-)genomics and includes time for personal development. Are you challenged by complex structural variation and ready to contribute to this next-level genomics project with your extensive bioinformatics experience? We look forward to your application.

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For more information about this function, please contact prof. dr. Dick de Ridder, Professor in Bioinformatics, by email: [email protected].

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This vacancy will be listed up to and including January 2, 2022.
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