National Chung Hsing University, Biotechnology Center

Our laboratory lead by Prof. Wilhelm Gruissem is a member of the ‘Cassava Source-Sink’ Project, an international collaboration to increase cassava agricultural performance and value. For more information, please see We are using metabolic and genetic engineering strategies to develop novel cassava varieties with increased yield and starch production, especially for smallholder cassava farmers to improve their food security and economic well-being. The postdoctoral researcher will be leading a project involving large-scale field experiments for agronomic performance, field UAV phenotyping of cassava growth, photosynthesis measurements in the field, and laboratory analysis of cassava using molecular, biochemical, and genetic techniques. Applicants should have Ph.D. degree in plant biology, be fluent in English writing and communication, have project management skills and experience as well as training in plant phenotyping methods, photosynthesis measurements, and molecular biology, biochemistry and genetic laboratory techniques and analysis methods, are familiar with bioinformatics tools, statistical methods, and MS Office software, and are experienced with manuscript writing. National Chung Hsing University is the leading Agricultural University in Taiwan and has excellent facilities for field experiments with cassava. In 2022 Taiwan ranked no. 2 in the world for quality of living, health, and wellbeing for foreign workers.

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