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The Department of Plant Physiology at Umeå University, which is a part of Umeå Plant Science Centre, is offering a postdoctoral scholarship in Stephan Wenkel’s research group on a project aimed at studying the role microProteins in plant development. The scholarship refers to full-time studies for two years with starting date according to agreement.

The project is aimed at manipulating plant development using microProtein engineering. MicroProteins are small single-domain proteins that have been shown to control diverse biological pathways (see e.g., Hong et al., PNAS, 2020). In the project we will employ a combination of genome-engineering approaches and protein engineering in tomato to modulate microProtein expression and activity.

The successful candidate will have a PhD degree, or equivalent, in plant molecular biology or biotechnology. Experience with omics data analyses and plants (especially Arabidopsis and tomato) as model system is required. Applicants should also possess the ability to independently plan and further their insight in the research question, as well as cooperate in a team. Good oral and written communication skills in the English language are required.

The candidate should have extensive laboratory experience with biochemical methods and molecular biology. We value your creativity, ability to communicate and take initiatives.

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