Full time (36.5 hours per week), fixed term position until 31 July 2022.

An extension up to maximum of 22 months (beyond July 2022) is subject to the approval from the funder.

This position will perform seminal research to uncover the molecular networks underlying the control of seed germination. This research-based postdoctoral position will focus on seeds in both the model system of Arabidopsis and crop species lettuce. State-of-the-art mathematical modelling and computational approaches complemented with molecular genetics, and creation of transgenic plants will be employed. The characterization of molecular networks germination control in Arabidopsis will be functionally validated in lettuce in order to develop novel germplasm which has enhanced seed germination uniformity.

This will provide both fundamental knowledge and agronomically useful outputs. This project is an industrial collaboration with Rijk Zwaan.

This will be undertaken under the overall supervision of Prof. George Bassel at The University of Warwick.

If you have not yet been awarded your PhD but are near submission or have recently submitted your PhD, any offers of employment will be made as Research Assistant on level 5 of the University grade structure (£30,046). Upon successful award of your PhD and evidence of this fact, you will be promoted to Research Fellow on the first point of level 6 of the University grade structure (£30,942 pa).

To apply for this job please visit atsv7.wcn.co.uk.