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The aims of the position are: (i) to structure and standardize existing data to enable interoperability; (ii) to prepare metadata in accordance with the FAIR principles; and (iii) to develop software that is capable of handling large volumes of scientific data, adapting itself to evolving data models, and enabling useful access in the form of a standard application programming interface (API) and a graphical user interface (GUI). Furthermore, a key function of the position is to develop and define data models, which will be aggregated in ontologies. With the aid of automatic code generators, the aforementioned standard API and GUI should then be automatically generated for such a set of data models. Data storage must be capable of integrating various technologies and supporting distribution.

Your main task will be the coordination and strategic scientific development of software tools (code generators) and frameworks for the generation and provision of installations of large, data integration platforms. You will also interact with an interdisciplinary group of scientists who generate very different data or use these data for their research activities. An important aspect of the position is the communication and, above all, the information and data flow between various employees in these projects and additional users within the European plant phenotyping community. You will need to understand the structure of these data and identify what parts of the data are used by employees in order to distinguish between the raw data and the data to be processed. In addition, the raw data must be sufficiently secured to enable future analysis using innovative methods; the data to be processed must be structured and presented in appropriate data models. The exchange and integration of data is crucial to enabling meta-analyses and collaboration between various research groups and disciplines. You should therefore have sound knowledge of web development technology and, in particular, data storage frameworks. Team leadership skills, communication skills, and project management expertise are essential for overseeing the efficient development of software tools that automatically generate standardized API and GUI access to a range of data models.

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