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Key areas of focus for this position include how to manage urban forests for the benefit of public health and outdoor activities whilst maintaining an attractive urban and residential environment. Furthermore, urban forests create opportunities for the protection of nature, income for the municipality and the supply of raw materials to, for example, local power plants. Hence, the management and adaptation of urban forests are particularly important and multifaceted, not only in terms of recreation and outdoor activities, but also in terms of other aims and objectives. The subject of Urban Forestry is to be developed alongside ‘the benefits of forests on human health’ – a soon to be vacant lectureship position at the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences. Work as a Senior Lecturer includes teaching and supervising degree projects and doctoral students in addition to which, due to the project management and research nature of the role, the successful applicant will be required to write scientific articles.

Teaching and research activities are planned and incorporated into the work based on the level of competence of the applicant. Teaching is through distance learning in addition to excursions and campus-based practical meetings and lectures. Currently available courses in Forest and Wood Technology attract a large number of student applications. Hence, the position of Senior Lecturer plays an important role in the Master’s Degree in Forest and Wood Engineering and also adds to the competence of the teaching team as a whole.

The position involves fostering contacts and collaborations with other research institutions and industries and further developing national and international networks. In addition, the work involves actively participating in and contributing to the internal and external work of the department as well as supporting gender-equality and securing external research funding.

It is also important for teachers and lecturers at Linnaeus University to keep abreast of developments within their own specialist subject and any other societal developments that may be of importance to their work at the University. Linnaeus University is committed to equal opportunity forming the basis of all our activities.

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