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Working under the responsibility of the Head of Unit you will be responsible for building up and maintaining bioinformatics services to support users (i.e. EFSA science units and affiliated external experts), including the following tasks:
  • Coordinate the application of bioinformatics tools for the storage, analysis and visualisation of data;
  • Implement and manage data analysis pipelines/tools/platforms for bioinformatics analysis, in particular of nucleic acids (e.g. next generation sequencing data) and proteins (e.g. predictive protein analysis);
  • Perform bioinformatics analysis and support users with the application of bioinformatics pipelines and interpretation of results from the analysis;
  • Contribute to defining long term storage and access solutions for datasets and bioinformatics tools used by EFSA scientific units and external collaborating experts;
  • Develop a strategy and implementation plan for bioinformatics services across the relevant scientific units of EFSA;
  • Develop guidance and methodology documents and contribute to scientific outputs;
  • Keep abreast of scientific and regulatory developments and provide information to EFSA units on scientific aspects in the bioinformatics area;
  • Support different stakeholders with the submission of data to EFSA from bioinformatics analysis, e.g. next generation sequencing data.

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