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Professor and Chair Cell and Developmental Biology (CDB)

Chair 1: Cell and Developmental Biology (CDB)

CDB studies the cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie cell fate specification and organ formation in plants. Emphasis is on the formation and maintenance of stem cells, the regulation of cell polarity and cell fate determination and their role in multicellular morphogenesis. These developmental processes are controlled by internal genetic, hormonal and molecular factors, but also external (abiotic) cues, (e.g. gravity, day-length or temperature) direct plant development.


Professor and Chair Developmental biology of Biotic and Environmental Interactions (DBE)

Chair 2: Developmental biology of Biotic and Environmental Interactions (DBE)

DBE studies how plant developmental programs and related molecular and cellular processes are affected and respond to interacting organisms and/or how such responses have evolved. Because responses to the biotic environment are affected by abiotic cues like nutrient availability, DBE is also interested in molecular developmental responses controlled by nutrient signalling. To study this, the emphasis is on the dynamic responses and altered development of plant organs, rather than physiological responses or (a)biotic factors.

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