University of Turku, Finland – Faculty of Technology

Two researcher positions are available for a two-year applied photosynthesis research project. The project combines research on photosynthetic efficiency and regulation (Task 1) and machine learning (Task 2).  The aim is to improve energy efficiency of light-driven cultivation systems in controlled environment agriculture and photobioreactor systems.

The objective is to develop a platform that uses machine learning to optimise photosynthetic growth conditions. The information collected on processes that affect the photosynthetic efficiency are used to maximise yield with minimal energy input.

Task 1: Adaptive control and machine learning. The applicant must have a background in an appropriate field of computational science

Task 2: Photosynthetic efficiency and regulation. The researcher is expected to have a good understanding of the structure, function and regulation of the photosynthetic machinery in plants and cyanobacteria.

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