The 4th international Fascination of Plants Day took place around the world in 52 countries around 18th May with over 830 interactive events celebrating the fascination and manifold uses of plants for food and nutritional security, paper, medicine, chemicals, energy and enjoyable landscapes. Find all you need to promote the event in the PR toolbox, see the Press Release, fact sheet and follow and engage with #PlantDay online for the latest updates,

Genome editing: scientific opportunities, public interest and policy options in the EU, report launch in Brussels, Explanatory Note from EC's High Level Group of Scientific Advisors

Announcement call for pre-proposals. ERA-Net co-fund invites consortia (min. 4 research organisations and/or private and public practitioners from 1 African + 2 European* partner countries) to submit pre-proposals for research and innovation in the countries concerned for the EU-AU partnership on food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture. Deadline will be in June 2017 shortly announced at . *BE, FI, FR, DE, IT, NL, NO, PT, ES, TK

Updated Statement: Crop Genetic Improvement Technologies, EPSO welcomes the majority opinion of the Member States “New Techniques Working Group” report and asks the EC to follow these recommendations and provide legal certainty for science and industry regarding application and exploration of New Plant Breeding Techniques (NPBTs) to allow the plant sector addressing the Grand Challenges facing our planet. EPSO acknowledges the interpretation of the EU GMO legislation as both process and product based and considers that this could help to clarify the legal status of the NPBTs. In its update EPSO includes recently published reports from Belgium and Italy.