Proposed ‘Science and Innovation Pact’ as framework for the UK-EU partnership on science, research and innovation aiming at full association to Horizon Europe (FP9) around structure, influence and contribution to FP9 as core part of the UK-EU future partnership.

The unofficial Fascination of Plants Day (FoPD) 2018 is held today across the world as a warm up for the next official Fascination of Plants Day in May 2019. Follow up on Twitter via the #PlantDay.

A renewed agenda for research and innovation – Europe’s chance to shape its future – Urging EU leaders to adopt the EU budget 2021-27 including proposed innovation funding, increase investments in R& I to meet the 3% target, make regulations fit innovation, create synergies between EU programmes, modernise public research with an open science label, launch a set of R&I missions.

AgriResearch – Innovating for the future of farming and rural communities – conference presentations online, following up the Strategic approach to EU agricultural research and innovation, 20.7.2016.