Cofund ForestValue – Innovating forest-based bioeconomy: Transnational call for joint European research projects. The indicative total budget is €25 million, deadline for pre-proposals 23 January 2018

Position on the next EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, FP9, welcoming the continued inclusion of the successful Excellent Science pillar in FP9, and setting out our position for research priorities and mechanisms to engender a mission-based approach to close the research and innovation cycle through increasing support for collaborative basic research, encouraging increased levels of trans-disciplinarity and emphasising the importance of plant science in meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Opinion on the SAM Explanatory Note on New Techniques in Agricultural Biotechnology welcoming the science based view on applications and implications including risk and benefits. EPSO calls for urgent action to promote progress in plant science and commercial breeding in Europe to meet challenges for agriculture in due time. EPSO encourages the European Commission to develop options regarding the regulation of new techniques in agricultural biotechnology. EC Explanatory Note, 28.4.2017.

Synthetic Biology should not be confused with the application of new breeding techniques, updated statement, reemphasizing that the techniques themselves do not define whether an organism or product is of synthetic origin just by their mere application; and that a synthetic organism should be substantially different from any organism that can occur in nature.

Implementing the Nagoya Protocol by national legislation in the countries of Europe, statement, asking the European Commission and the Member States to support the adoption of uniform legislation across Europe for the exchange and use of Plant Genetic  Resources by applying the multilateral system enshrined in the FAO International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA). In this way these resources would be subject to the standardized material transfer agreement procedures, which are considered of key importance to sustain future research and breeding activities.

Registration opened for the EC high-level conference on “Modern Biotechnologies in Agriculture – Paving the way for responsible innovation” in Brussels on 28.9.2017. EPSO provides science advice to policy including Agricultural Technologies which play a key role to address the challenges we face today and in future. EPSO advices to support the development and use of all Agricultural Technologies and to combine their advantages to the benefit of society and the environment. An intrinsic part of this is responsible research and innovation as well as science based policy and innovation.