As the current restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic severely affect the preparation of project applications, the European Commission has extended the submission deadlines for all Horizon 2020 calls with original deadlines before 15 April at least until this date. The topic IMI2-2020-21-01 is excluded from this regulation. The deadline for submitting proposals for the call EIC-SMEInst-2018-2020 was extended to 20 March 2020.

The exact new deadlines for each call and topic are specified on the respective topic pages in the Funding & Tenders Portal. Below is an overview of the changes we are currently aware of:

FET – Original submission deadline: 23 June 2020, new submission deadline: 2 July 2020 (already announced in the course of the update of the EIC work programme, see AiD of March 6, 2020):

FET PROACT-EIC-07 (Emerging paradigms and communities)
FET PROACT-EIC-08 (Environmental Intelligence)

Research Infrastructures – Original submission deadline 17.03.2020, new submission deadline 14.05.2020:

INFRAIA-02-2020 (Integrating Activities for starting communities)
INFRAIA-03-2020 (Pilot for a new model of Integrating activities)
INFRAINNOV-03-2020 (Co-Innovation platform for research infrastructure technologies)
INFRAINNOV-04-2020 (Innovation Pilots)
INFRASUPP-02-2020 (Strengthening the human capital of Research Infrastructures)

Research Infrastructures – Original submission deadline 22.04.2020, new submission deadline 18.06.2020 (already changed in the course of the adoption of the Digital Strategy on 19 February 2020):

INFRAEOSC-03-2020 (Integration and consolidation of the existing pan-European access mechanism to public research infrastructures and commercial services through the EOSC Portal)
INFRAEOSC-07-2020 (Increasing the service offer of the EOSC Portal

SC1 Health – Original submission deadline 07.04.2020, new submission deadline 15.04.2020:

All topics within the call H2020-SC1-BHC-2018-2020

SWAFS (Science with and for Society) – all topics with the original submission deadline 15 April 2020, new submission deadline 23 April 2020

Innovation in SMEs -Original submission deadline 02.04.2020, new submission deadline 15.04.2020:

INNOSUP-01-2018-2020 (Cluster facilitated projects for new industrial value chains)

ICT – A possible extension of the submission deadline for the topic DT-ICT-12-2020 (AI for the smart hospital of the future) is under discussion.

Please also note that the IT Helpdesk which provides technical support for the Funding & Tenders Portal points out that it currently works “in non-standard remote operation, which could introduce some handling delays”.

Further information:

» Information about updates in the Funding & Tenders Portal

Source : EC & KoWi, 20.3.2020