Top European researchers will present state-of-the-art microbiome research in human and animal health, antibiotic resistance, environmental sustainability, and circular economy. Policy advisors to EFSA and OECD will inform about the safety and regulatory pathways of microbiome innovations.

The workshop “Health and economic benefits of microbiomes ”, run by the  European Parliament`s STOA panel (Panel for the Future of Science and Technology in the European Parliament), held  on 11th May 2021, 14:00-16:30h,  is chaired by Irene Verheijen, European Association for Food Law (EFLA). The Chair and Members of the STOA panel, and the European Parliament’s Vice President invite to an open discussion. Both scientific and regulatory works may inform not only human and animal health concepts but also circular economy strategies and action plans on a European and national level in the future. Many researchers and experts presenting at the event collaborate in the EU-funded project “MicrobiomeSupport”, which endeavours to map ongoing microbiome research globally, devise a coherent future microbiome research strategy, and transfer research results to policymakers and businesses. MicrobiomeSupport is a H2020-funded Coordination and Support Action supporting microbiome R&I in the food system also including plant microbiomes, which are addressed in the EPSO Working Group Plants and Microbiomes.

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Source: European Parliament’s STOA Panel

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