John Fitzgibbon EPSO, BE / Ursula Ross-Stitt Formerly Max Planck Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology, Golm, DE



The Outreach working group brings together the EPSO PR network to support communication and dissemination on Plant Science, and the organisation and animation of Fascination of Plants Day. The group serves as a mutual support network for PR officers, to exchange information about upcoming events, awards, grants, discoveries etc. In this way, working group members can broaden their sphere of influence by pooling and sharing information on plant science, and build dense networks across the EPSO membership base.

Fascination of Plants Day is a key international activity. Its goal is to stimulate as many people as possible around the world to become fascinated by plants and enthused about the importance of plant science for agriculture, in sustainable food production, as well as horticulture, forestry, and non-food products such as paper, timber, chemicals, energy, and pharmaceuticals. The role of plants in environmental conservation is also a key message.

The next official event takes place around 18 May 2024, and events are encouraged on the non-official years too. Read the success stories from 2015, 2017, 2019, & 2022


The next quarterly meeting will take place on 7th May 2024. An agenda will be circulated to the working group members nearer the time. Please contact john.fitzgibbon(at)epsomail.org if you wish to attend. Slides from previous meetings are available from the Chair.

EPSO news developed by this WG:


Muriel Arimon Bedós – CRAG, ES

Margarita Calderon-Peter – BOKU, AT

Mia Cerfonteyn – TSL, UK

Miguel Costa – Univ Lisbon, PT

Franck Curk, – INRAE, FR

Manuela Dahinden – ETH Zurich, CH

Bettina Fernsebner-Kokert – BOKU, AT

John Fitzgibbon, EPSO – (FoPD Global Coordinator)

Jens Freitag, IPK Gatersleben

Simone Gatzke – FZ Juelich, DE

Erwin Grill – TUM, DE

Ike de Haan –  AFSG, WUR, NL

Pierre Hilson – INRAE, FR

Anne Honsel – UPSC, SE

Trine Hvoslef-Eide – UMB, NO (FoPD Global Coordinator)

Alina-Louise Kramer – HGU, DE

Beatriz Lucas, MPIB, DE

Susana de Lucas – CSIC, ES

Karin Metzlaff, EPSO – (FoPD Global Coordinator)

Ana Morais – IGC, Oeiras, PT

Silvana Moscatelli – CNR (DISBA), IT

Andreas Müller – FZ Juelich, DE

Gintarė Naujokienė – LAMMC, LT

Colin Nosworthy – IBERS, UK

Aneta Piechalak –  PAS, PL

Christine Raines – Univ. Essex, UK

Renata Ramalho – ITQB, PT

Alexandre Reteau,  Univ. Bordeaux, FR

Ursula Ross-Stitt – MPI, DE

Christian Schafmeister, IPK Gatersleben

Mia von Scheven- MPIPBR,DE

Sharon Simpson– JHI, UK

Federica Tenaglia – CNR (DISBA), IT

Johanna Torkkel – LUKE, FI

Marike van Woerkom – WUR, NL

Inês Zêzere – IBET, Oeiras, PT


Aarón Seyller – CBGP (UPM-INIA), ES