Elspeth MacRae – Scion CRI, NZ; Jens Sundstrom – SLU, SE; Wout Boerjan – VIB, BE


Further development of the Working Group; Contribute to input to the European Commission, eg, DG-AGRI and DG-RTD


This WG plans to hold a workshop in 2019. The second meeting of the Working Group took place at the Brussels office of VINNOVA (Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems) on the 21.11.2016. In the presence of representatives from the European Commission, the group discussed forestry research in their regions and identified themes to address at a European level and the best mechanisms to implement them. The group has 15 members and is welcoming further members in forestry research across Europe.

EPSO news developed by this WG:

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Ricardo Alia – INIA-CIFOR, ES

Isabel Allona – CBGP (UPM-INIA), ES

Wout Boerjan – VIB, BE

María Teresa Cervera (Maite) – INIA-CIFOR, ES

Maria Eugenio – INIA, ES

Carl Gunnar Fossdal – NIBIO, NO

Thomas Geburek – BFW, AT

Santiago C. Gonzalez-Martinez – INRA, FR

Hojka Kraigher – SFI, SI

Karin Metzlaff – EPSO

Ove Nilsson – Umea PSC, SE

Célia Miguel – FCUL, PT

Elina Oksanen – Univ East Fi, FI

Margarida Oliveira – ITQB, PT

Mariano Perales – CBGP (UPM-INIA), ES

Christophe Plomion – INRA, FR

Ivan Scotti – INRA, FR

Giovanni Vendramin – CNR forestry Inst, IT

Marjana Westergren – SFI, SI


Matthias Fladung – Thuenen Inst, DE