Jun 16 - 21 2024


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SPS-CEPLAS Summer School 2024 – Plant science to tackle climate change

This Summer School is co-organized by the Saclay Plant Sciences network (SPS, France) and the Cluster of Excellence on Plant Sciences (CEPLAS, Germany), two of the largest European plant sciences communities. 

It takes place at Saint-Lambert-des-Bois – 40km from Paris (France)

Mankind is facing an unprecedented challenge from climate change. This anthropogenic climate change is already associated with altered rainfall patterns, extreme weather events and less predictable seasonal patterns, which are expected to increase non-linearly in the future. This is a major challenge to crop production and therefore to food security and human society. Agriculture is a victim of climate change but also a culprit since 20-25% of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) are released through agricultural activities. Without a substantial diet change, the growing world population will require a 70-100% increase of agricultural productivity by 2050 to produce enough food and this must be achieved in a sustainable manner without compromising nutritional quality. Furthermore, this must be done in a context of decreasing GHG emissions and increasing C-sequestration to help mitigate global climate change. This will require resilient, higher yielding crops having a more efficient use of water and minerals, and suited to climate-change adapted cultivation schemes and practices. Moreover, laboratory/researcher practices will also have to be modified to accommodate low energy-use/low C-footprint research activities. 

In this context, the SPS Summer School 2024 will focus on introducing and discussing strategies, techniques and practices to carry out next generation plant research aimed at improving sustainable climate-change friendly plant productivity. 

The summer school will bring together outstanding and enthusiastic young scientists (PhD students and young post-docs) and high-level researchers from all over the world in order to exchange knowledge and ideas. It is limited to a small group of participants (20 maximum) to privilege informal interactions and scientific discussions.

Deadline for application: March 4, 2024 (midnight)

Further details: [email protected]

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