EPSO has created two promotional videos for the TOMRES project which are now available on YouTube: "Europe teams up for tomato’s future in the TOMRES project" and "TOMRES projects the benefits of optimized tomato production". See HERE about the participation of EPSO in the TOMRES project.

Job alert!

EPSO is looking for a motivated and dynamic Publications Officer to support its team as a permanent member of staff at the Brussels office.

Deadline for applications: 16th January 2019. Apply HERE.

EC Chief Scientific Advisors: A Scientific Perspective on the Regulatory Status of Products Derived from Gene Editing and the Implications for the GMO Directive (see background information).

The advisors conclude that the GMO Directive should be revised to reflect current knowledge and scientific evidence, and as part of a broad dialogue with relevant stakeholders and the public at large:

“There is a need to improve EU GMO legislation to be clear, evidence-based, implementable, proportionate and flexible enough to cope with future advances in science and technology in this area. To achieve this, we recommend revising the existing GMO Directive to reflect current knowledge and scientific evidence, in particular on gene editing and established techniques of genetic modification. This should be done with reference to other legislation relevant to food safety and environmental protection.

This follows the European Court of Justice judgement of 25.7.2018 on mutagenesis (Press ReleaseRuling in EN).

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