Promoting diverse crops and livestock with a variety of farming systems for diverse diets, human health and resilient production, is a joint responsibility of policy makers and actors in many areas: agriculture, health, education, environmental and R&I services. Experts from three Technology Platforms developed the following R&I recommendations to address climate change, biodiversity loss, consumer […]

EPSO urges the European Commission to take action to prevent the French draft legal proposal from being enacted. The European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO) is concerned about the draft legal proposal on the genetic modification techniques mentioned in Article L531-2 of the French Environment Code, which would modify the list of techniques of mutagenesis exempt […]

EPSO agrees with the general statement of EFSA that risk-assessments should be done in a case-by-case manner and that the suggested procedures for risk assessment of SDN-3 that pertain to risk assessments of transgenes do not apply to SDN-1, SDN-2 and oligonucleotide-directed mutagenesis, and should be simplified for these. Furthermore, EPSO suggests clarifications in the […]

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Modification of the existing maximum residue levels for copper compounds in fresh herbs and edible flowers!hF39Tm via @EFSA_EU

Recent surge in EU forest harvesting, according to JRC study | EU Science Hub!Br96Wq via @EU_Commission

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