Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Department of Plant Biology

The position is associated with the group of Professor Daniel Hofius at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Uppsala, Sweden. Research in the Hofius lab (http://www.slu.se/D_Hofius) focuses on the molecular mechanisms of autophagy, a conserved degradation and recycling process required for cellular homeostasis, stress tolerance and pathogen resistance. The project builds on our previous findings that autophagy plays complex roles during plant-virus interactions, by contributing either to antiviral defences or viral pathogenesis (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=Hofius+D&sort=date). We now aim to focus on the largely unexplored events of autophagy in the nucleus upon virus infection and unravel their mechanisms and functions in immunity and disease. The work will apply genetic, cell biological, biochemical and proteomic approaches in the Arabidopsis and Nicotiana benthamiana models and has the long-term goal to improve disease resistance in crop species.

Qualifications: We are looking for a highly motivated candidate with a PhD degree in plant molecular biology, plant genetics, plant cell biology or related topics. Proven expertise in plant virology and host-pathogen interactions is most desirable, and prior work with proteomics, reverse genetics, and autophagy-related techniques are further assets.

Interested? For more information about required qualifications, research environment and application details, please visit the SLU website.

To apply for this job please visit www.slu.se.