EPSO is pleased to announce the publication of its 59th newsletter. The shorter public version of the Newsletter is available here. EPSO members can log in and read the full version available in the Members’ Only section. The next edition of the EPSO newsletter will be published in autumn 2024. Please send us your articles by early November. Happy reading!

Content of the full version


  • Contributions from plant biology, crop improvement & adaptation to implement the European Commission’s Strategic Plan 2025-27

EPSO activities

  • EPSO Young Plant Scientist Award 2024 – congratulations to the awardees
  • EPSO General Assembly in Oeiras/ PT, 10-12.06.2024
  • EPSO’s strategic work is recognised by inclusion in high level groups & boards
  • Third Anniversary of the EPSO Plant Science Seminar
  • Outreach Working Group meets quarterly
  • Initiative for Science in Europe: Horizon Europe Working Group
  • Fascination of Plants Day 2024: 7th edition in 63 countries!
  • Agricultural Technologies Working Group
  • Plant Health Working Group invites presentations for its online meeting on 15.10.2024

Members’ news 

  • InnCoCells—innovative cosmetic ingredients from plants —into the final year
  • Cousin – new 5 year Horizon Europe project on Crop Wild Relatives
  • New long term research consortium CropXR in the Netherlands
  • Hutton eyes up barley’s past to revolutionise the future
  • CRAG new website on gene editing potential
  • Modelling the phosphorous cycle in European agricultural soils
  • Plants, pathogens, people & politics – farewell symposium Beat Keller
  • miCROPe 2024 conference in Vienna
  • StrigoSense – A versatile biosensor of strigolactone responses in plants
  • EMBO Workshop on Cell Death: friend or foe in animal & plant immunity
  • 5th Int. conference “Scientific Actualities & Innovations in Horticulture“
  • The new Jan IngenHousz Institute for photosynthesis in Wageningen
  • The National Graduate School Photosyntech in Norway
  • Green horizons: navigating the future of plant phenotyping
  • GenoDrawing revolutionary AI tool predicts complex traits in plants
  • Michaela Jung awarded 15th Professor Albert Soenen Prize for apple breeding

 National, European and global funding

  • National Research Funding Opportunities in Serbia & Switzerland
  • Horizon Europe briefing updated & Life programme call

 Career opportunities and upcoming events

  • find the latest career opportunities & events in plant science

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