The EPSO Working Group on Future Proofed Crops is pleased to announce that its first workshop will take place online on 13 July 2023.

This first workshop has three aims. Firstly, we will hear brief introductions from each participant to become familiar with each other and start networking scientists in the WG referring to the three pillars – improving abiotic stress, photosynthesis and resource use efficiency of crops – to increase crop yield in a stable way and adapt to climate change and be more sustainable.

Secondly, we will hear two short summaries – of the CropBooster recommendations and of the EPSO submission to the Horizon Europe consultation. Thirdly, we will discuss the next steps of the WG, including the options to implement the research foreseen.

Recommendations arising from the workshop will be shared with the scientific community, the European Commission and national agencies.

WG members please register with [email protected] by 30 April.

EPSO member organisations who have not yet confirmed their two experts for the FPC WG can still discuss this internally and notify Karin, cc Sofia and the chairs, to become a member of this WG ideally by the end of April 2023 (we suggest 1-2 expert scientists per organisation interested in this subject). To enrol an expert, please provide the name, function in the institute, 1-3 keywords on their expertise and contact details. Please also inform René by 30 April if the expert(s) will join the 1st meeting on 13 July.

We look forward to e-meeting you in July!

René, Christine, Andreas, Francesco, Alain and Karin

Future Proofed Crops WG co-chairs: René Klein Lankhorst, Christine Raines, Andreas Weber, Francesco Loreto, Alain Gojon

EPSO Executive Director: Karin Metzlaff

Click here to read: The workshop Announcement 28.03.2023


René Klein Lankhorst, Christine Raines, Andreas Weber, Francesco Loreto, Alain Gojon and Karin Metzlaff