EPSO has published a new briefing for plant scientists: on the Life Programme Call 2023.





In addition, we updated our Horizon Europe Work Programme 2023-24 Briefing to take into account the latest information on the UK and New Zealand’s association to the programme, the publication of the European Research Council Work Programme 2024 and New partnership candidate: ‘Forests & Forestry for a Sustainable Future’.






EPSO encourages its members to apply to these programmes. The briefings contain all information for plant scientists in one place. They also provide additional researched information, useful tips and available final call texts published by the European Commission for 2023/24.

*Access to the Members’ only Website is restricted to EPSO active Members (not sleeping members or external Personal Members) – please contact Sofia Ciravegna for access.

Wishing you success with your proposals

Karin Metzlaff, John Fitzgibbon and Odd Arne Rognli

Contact: Karin Metzlaff