Due to the impact of the corona virus, the EPSO Board decided last week to hold the 2020 General Meeting as simultaneous regional General Meetings in 9 different regions across Europe, each one chaired by one Board member.

Though an unforeseen change, this can foster engagement of the EPSO Representatives, of EPSO Supporting Scientists and possibly encourage regional activities of EPSO members as they suggested at our 2019 General Meeting.


The meetings will have a common agenda including plenty of time for regional specific discussions.


To each regional GM one Representative per institutional member (A* members have more than one) will participate and can bring along 1 Supporting Scientist if they wish so as successfully done for the 2019 GM.


These will take place on the originally reserved dates of 2 July (e.g. start 3pm) and 3 July (e.g. close 4pm) 2020.


The Board member chairing the regional GM will decide in the coming weeks with the respective Representatives where to hold the regional meeting. In case of further travel restrictions in a region, the respective Board member and representatives can convert this into an online meeting as well.

Preparatory email

You will receive the first preparatory email for the regional GMs on 3 April 2020.


Representatives are invited to confirm to Karin Metzlaff their participation by 31 March and that of one Supporting Scientists.

 Looking forward to a series of very interactive regional General Meetings

Alan Schulman (President) and Karin Metzlaff (Executive Director)

Contact: Karin Metzlaff, EPSO Executive Director