EPSO welcomes the Concept and proposed actions towards a new ERA published by Commissioner Gabriel on 30.9.2020 and offers to collaborate in further shaping and implementing these. EPSO is focusing regarding the ERA for instance on critical mass investments in research and innovation, balancing basic, applied research, demonstration and innovation action support; widening participation; creating synergies between education and research; science outreach engaging citizens; and setting and implementing strategic priorities for Horizon Europe.

The New ERA is centered on excellence, inclusiveness, talents, and driven by innovation. To this end, the Commission identifies four main objectives:
1) Prioritizing investments
2) Improving access to excellence
3) Translating R&I results into economic value
4) Deepening the ERA.

The Commission commits to 14 actions to reach these goals. It will push for further in-vestment to reach the long-sought goal of 3% of GDP, and support EU-13 Countries. It will also improve synergies through common EU industrial roadmaps and update the governance of research infrastructures. It will support the transition to Open Science, with particular emphasis on Open Access and Open Data (European Open Science Cloud – EOSC). Gender equality and citizens science will also play a central role. Finally, by 2024, a new toolbox in support of researchers career development will be developed with the following components: (i) a Researchers Competence Framework, (ii) a mobility scheme to support exchange between industry and academia, (iii) targeted training un-der Horizon Europe and (iv) a one-stop shop portal. The toolbox will lead to the creation of a pipeline for talent.

EPSO is collaborating with European learned societies and research organisations in the Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE) as a strong voice of the scientific community discussing with the European Commission and Member States recommendations for the ERA.

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Marco Masia, Executive Coordinator, Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE), https://initiative-se.eu
Karin Metzlaff, Executive Director, European Plant Science organisation (EPSO), https://epsoweb.org