EPSO particularly supports the ambition that ‘R&I in the biodiversity domain will recognize that ecological, social and technological changes go hand in hand and co-evolve, and to focus on this alignment and breakdown of silos.’

EPSO appreciates that the draft SRIA links environmental sustainability, food and nutritional security, and human health. EPSO urges application of this approach across the SRIA as a whole.

Concepts EPSO suggests including, such as ‘diverse crops for diverse diets and human health and resilient production’, as well as ‘combined approaches on crop improvement, crop management and crop processing’, will enable interdisciplinary approaches with co-benefits in Europe and beyond.

The partnership rightly defines the goals and should lead the process to achieve these, leaving the pathways to reach these open – based on open and transparent approaches ranging from research to innovation, public procurement to legislation.

We provide further insight on how these concepts can benefit the evolving SRIA and its implementation and how plant scientists can contribute to this in the Annex.

Click here to read: Full EPSO statement 29.1.2021


  • Karin Metzlaff, EPSO, BE
  • Alan Schulman, LUKE, FI & EPSO President