The IACGB is an independent think tank of forty high-level policy experts and drivers of the bioeconomy worldwide.

As members of the International Advisory Board on Global Bioeconomy and of EPSO, we want to inform EPSO members about the new IACGB homepage It provides broad information on the goals, activities and members of the IACGB, as well as on bioeconomy strategies and developments worldwide and on upcoming events. In this way, it will support the international exchange on the development of a sustainable and circular bioeconomy.

Three scientists involved in EPSO are member of the International Advisory Board on Global Bioeconomy: Elspeth MacRae / NZ is co-chair, Josef Glössl / AT and Ulrich Schurr / DE. In addition, the IACGB office is hosted at the Institute for Plant Sciences of the Julich Research Centre and Peter Wehrheim / DE (European Commission) is member of the IACGB as well.

The International Advisory Board on Global Bioeconomy is looking for new youth ambassadors for the IACGB. Please see notification and application form and directions on how to apply at

EPSO will support the IACGB and help disseminate its activities. To this end, bioeconomy actors across the globe are welcome to organise interactive events for the public under the International Fascination of Plants Day 2022, around the 18th May 2022 . The FoPD is coordinated by EPSO jointly with over 54 National coordinators from over 54 countries


Elspeth MacRae (co-chair IACGB), Josef Glössl (BokU) and Uli Schurr (FZ Jülich)


Click here to read: Full ‘EPSO IACGB announcement’ and the ‘IACGB ambassador application form’.


  • Elspeth MacRae, co-chair IACGB
  • Ulrich Schurr, member IACGB
  • Josef Glössl, member IACGB
  • Karin Metzlaff, EPSO Executive Director