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A 2 years position supported by Bordeaux Plant Sciences research program is available in the UAR Bordeaux Imaging Center in Bordeaux, France. The successful candidate will work on the project WP2 Com4LIFE.

Identify and integrate intercellular communication networks during development and viral infection using multimodal 3-D microscopy approaches.

Intercellular communications in plants involve nanoscopic membrane channels: plasmodesmata. In order to develop harmoniously and to adapt to environmental constraints, plants will specifically modulate these communications. These modulations can affect the number and the permeability of plasmodesmata. In order to highlight the regulation of intercellular communication networks, the post-doc will use multimodal 3D imaging approaches (immunofluorescence, confocal/Airyscan microscopy and electron microscopy) to access to the number, the permeability and the ultrastructure of plasmodesmata on the very same samples.  This study will focus on the root tip, the graft interface and infected leaves of Arabidopis thaliana and Nicotina benthamiana as well as on tomato fruit. An integration of the 3D-views of the plasmodesmata networks obtained for these different models will be performed to better understand the regulatory mechanisms involved at the different cellular interfaces.

We are looking for highly motivated candidates with a good publication track-record and a strong commitment to research in Plant cell biology, sample fixation/labeling, confocal/electron microscopy, image analysis/processing. Previous experience in microscopy approaches would be appreciated. Good english communication skills (written and oral) are expected.

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