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We are offering a postdoctoral scholarship in Dr. Maria E. Eriksson’s research group. We are looking for a motivated candidate who has interest in the research areas light reception, circadian regulation and abscisic acid (ABA) regulated stress responses. The scholarship refers to full-time studies for two years with starting date 1 September 2023 or according to agreement.


Timing of light-controlled processes such as chlorophyll biosynthesis is important for efficient photosynthesis, but also of carbohydrate production and cell division. We have previously been able to show that ZEITLUPE, a protein that controls light reception and circadian rhythm, is an important part of the mechanism that determines the leaves’ pores (stomata) openness (Jurca et. al., 2022). Stomata regulation is critical to balance plants’ gas, water and nutrient needs and thus plays a major role in photosynthesis and water management.

The main purpose of this project is to further explore how plants’ stomata are regulated with regard to light and circadian gene regulation using the hybrid aspen as a main model system. These studies will in the longer term create opportunities to increase trees’ stress resistance and growth as an effective carbon sink as well as source for e.g. materials and energy production.

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