This interactive event aims to exchange about farmers’ needs and upcoming practical solutions to soil health problems and to discuss what needs to be done for farmers to take them up. The target audience includes farmers, land managers and researchers.

In addition, the event can serve to expand your networks and to discuss future collaborations.

Express your interest  until 14.02.2021 via the call for participants to join the online seminar ‘Healthy soils for Europe: sustainable management through knowledge and practice’  on 13-14 April 2021.  It is organised under the soil mission “Caring for Soil is Caring for Life” launched by the European Commission in September 2020.

Please find the programme outline on the event webpage.

Specific objectives of the seminar:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of soil health and introduce various EU initiatives undertaken to preserve it, such as EJP soil and the proposed EU mission “Caring for Soil is Caring for Life”.
  • Promote and build upon the results and outcomes of past EIP-AGRI networking activities such as Focus Groups on soil-related issues and relevant workshops.
  • Share experiences and good practices to maintain soil health, identified by relevant projects, research activities and farmers.
  • Identify synergies between different types of projects working on soil health and encourage further cooperation among participants through networking.
  • Discuss challenges and solutions for soil health, and identify what is needed to make these solutions operational for farmers, foresters and other land managers, and make them widely used/adopted.

Contact the organising team: [email protected] or Andres Garcia Lamparte, Task Manager EIP-AGRI Seminar, [email protected]

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