The majority of Norwegian consumers are positive about sustainable and societally beneficial use of gene editing in Norwegian agriculture and aquaculture – this is the main conclusion from the population survey performed and published by the Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board early April  2020. However, many consumers are concerned about risk, although they have fairly high confidence that gene edited products approved by the Norwegian authorities are safe for health and the environment. Consumers also want information about product traits that makes it easier for them to choose. The results also show that there is a need for knowledge building about genetic technology and food in the general population.

EPSO encourages scientists and ministries to work together to perform similar studies in more countries across Europe to engage with consumers, compare the attitudes towards gene editing and its use to address societal challenges. Sigrid Bratlie, one of the authors, is happy to share the methodology and preparatory work to help you.

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  • Sigrid Bratlie, Special Advisor on gene technology, The Norwegian Agricultural Cooperatives, [email protected]
  • Odd Arne Rognli, EPSO Board
  • Karin Metzlaff, EPSO