EPSO welcomes the initiative taken by the European Commission to adjust the regulation on NGT and promote NGT for plant breeding in the European Union (EU). Taking into account recent and ongoing research activities, EPSO would like to provide the following feedback to the Inception Impact Assessment (IIA):

  • Criteria for sustainability should refer to all techniques and approaches, and not only NGTs.
  • Risk assessment for NGT products should be proportionate
  • Labelling and requirements for detection methods should not be barriers in the approval process.


Read details in the full EPSO statement – the EPSO submission to the DG SANTE public consultation to the Roadmap (Inception Impact Assessment, IIA) regarding the legislation for plants produced by certain new genomic techniques (NGTs).


EPSO statement EC roadmap (IIA) on new genomic techniques, 25.10.2021

EPSO Annex 1 to the NGT roadmap statement, 25.10.2021

EC: Roadmap (inception impact assessment) on new genomic techniques, 24.9.2021



  • Jens Sundström, Ralf Wilhelm & Frank Hartung, EPSO Chairs WG Agricultural Technologies
  • Alan Schulman & Karin Metzlaff (EPSO President, Executive Director)