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Would you like to contribute to solutions to climate change and food and biomass resource scarcity?

Work with us at the Institute of Bio- and Geosciences – Plant Sciences (IBG-2) on innovative use, production, and technology concepts related to crop resilience to climate change. Roots are the primary organs through which crop plants feed themselves. Crop production is increasingly confronted with extreme and changing weather. We aim at finding root traits that could enhance crop resilience. Our research is part of a large consortium on “Root phenotyping and genetic improvement for rotational crops resilient to environmental change”. The consortium brings together top researchers around this topic, and you could become part of it. Are you a scientist pursuing an academic career at the intersect of mathematical modeling and plant biology? This is your chance to do a PhD and produce novel models and develop a strong theoretical understanding of root functioning. Join our team of experts.


Your Job:

  • Develop mathematical models that simulate root growth and functioning. For examples, visit our page at
  • Apply the models to different scenarios, parameterize them with data from partners
  • Test hypothesis on how root traits contribute to crop resilience
  • Network and collaborate in the EU Root2Resilience Project
  • To disseminate your finding at international workshops/conferences
  • Write a PhD thesis and defend it


Questions about the offer?

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Please note that for technical reasons we cannot accept applications by e-mail.

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