Umeå Plant Science Centre, Department of Plant Physiology, Umeå University

We are offering a postdoctoral scholarship (for candidates maximum three years after their PhD defence) within the project “Novel Methodologies for Studying Plant Cell Wall Mechanics and Composition” in Laura Bacete’s research group at Umeå Plant Science Centre and Umeå University

The plant cell wall is essential for growth, defence, and environmental adaptation. Furthermore, it transforms atmospheric CO2 into useful materials, playing a crucial role in a sustainable bioeconomy. In the Plant Cell Wall Dynamics Lab, our focus is on the cell wall integrity monitoring system, which oversees the wall’s structural and chemical balance and responses to changes. However, the lack of techniques with sufficient spatio-temporal resolution hinders the understanding of this system.

We are in search of a visionary candidate whose skill set aligns with our laboratory’s goal to revolutionize the study of cell wall integrity. We are particularly interested in candidates with expertise in biophysics, especially advanced spectroscopy/ microscopy techniques like Brillouin and Raman, as well as those versed in synthetic biology or optogenetics. The ideal candidate will be eager to apply their specialized skills, with or without prior experience in plant biology. We value innovative perspectives and methodologies that can enrich this multidisciplinary project.

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