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We are seeking a highly motivated researcher with significant postdoctoral experience, who is ready to develop a leadership role in potato biology, specifically in the areas of genetics and molecular physiology. The successful applicant will develop a programme to maintain the impetus of the Potato Group at the James Hutton Institute. Contemporary approaches aligned to our core goals of protecting the potato crop from the impact of climate change whilst improving crop quality will be of particular interest. We are keen to maintain a collegiate approach within the potato group and collaborative plans with experienced geneticists and other scientists will be greatly encouraged. The James Hutton Institute curates the Commonwealth Potato Collection with over 1500 accessions from more than 80 tuber-bearing species, and exploitation of this resource is a key objective of the group. Mentoring from experienced researchers within the group will be available.

The Potato Group has an international reputation for its research in potato genetics, genomics and molecular physiology. The group has a Global network of collaborators within academia and commerce.

The James Hutton Institute is a world-renowned independent research organisation conducting fundamental and applied science relevant to land, crops, and natural resources. Research in the Institute’s Cell and Molecular Sciences Department covers processes at a range of scales from genes and molecules to whole organisms and populations.

The work undertaken by The James Hutton Group is at the top of the global agenda, tackling problems such as the impact of climate change and threats to food and water security using state-of-the-art approaches including genomics and genetics.

The Cell and Molecular Sciences (CMS) Department is based at the Dundee site and has a thriving research environment with more than 100 plant scientists. Research specialisms within CMS include cell and molecular biology, genomics, genetics, pathology and physiology.

Our work focuses principally on the improvement of cereals, potatoes and soft fruit crops with respect to yield and quality, resource use efficiency, environmental stress resilience, and pest and disease resistance and management.  Our work provides new knowledge to tackle problems of food security and sustainability against a background of environmental change.

We are currently in an exciting expansion phase to support the recent infrastructure funding award of £62 million that will establish two world-leading facilities, The International Barley Hub (IBH – http://www.barleyhub.org/) and the Advanced Plant Growth Centre (APGC – https://www.apgc.org.uk/). We are also partners on two Collaborative Training Partnership awards that will provide projects for over 30 PhD students in the next three years.

We have strong strategic links with the University of Dundee Division of Plant Sciences and the University of St Andrews. Joint appointments may be possible, where appropriate for the individuals and the Institutions.

These posts are three year ‘tenure track’ positions which means if there is a business case and the candidates meets the relevant academic criteria, the contracts will be made indefinite after the three-year assessment.

We will not consider the use of 3rd party recruitment agencies for the sourcing of candidates for this position.

The James Hutton Institute is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

Further information about the post and working at The James Hutton Institute can be obtained from Prof John Jones, Head of the Cell and  Molecular Sciences Department – [email protected]

Deadline: 2 July 2022

To apply for this job please visit hutton.current-vacancies.com.